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Since 2017 our goal is to have happy customers, spreading happiness one cup at a time, with our home made in Melbourne kulfi (ice cream) + more.

Ours is a story of Sri Lanka meets India in Melbourne ... not just with our family but also with our menu!



Want to wow guests at privately catered parties. We cater for workplace functions, weddings, birthdays or any special celebration.

Packages include poured to order homemade ice cream (up to 5 flavours) and homemade rustic wholesome soups (up to 3 flavours). And yes, we have vegan options too. All brought to you in our custom made and designed food truck.

Want kulfibar ice cream at your next event but don't have room for a truck? We can prepare, pack-up and deliver to your door.


all natural homemade hand crafted artisan ice cream

We’ve been enjoying being out & about introducing kulfi to the streets of Melbourne. Often when out, we are asked, “What is kulfi?”.

For those of you that haven’t tried kulfi, by definition kulfi is a frozen dessert from the Indian sub-continent.

Kulfi is basically ice cream, but not like any other ice cream... it is its texture that sets it apart from other ice cream. Kulfi contains less air than usual ice cream. That means the flavours are more intense, and its texture is denser and creamier. 

As we’ve been told, our kulfi is "creamy, luscious, decadent" ... a sweet sensation that you should not deny yourself!

Traditionally kulfi is flavoured with mango, rose or pistachio & cardamon. But at kulfibar we simply love using our traditional handed-down recipe to create those old time favourites, as well as experiment to create new and interesting flavours. Flavours that are inspired by the season, event themes or just wanting to try something different. Our kulfi flavours capture the energy, joy, comfort and pure indulgence that ice cream brings. Kulfi is a perfect way to celebrate a good day and to help get you through a bad one too. We might be biased, but we have been told that it’s the best ice cream around.

kulfi is available in sizes of

100ml kulfi cups (minimum of 10 of each flavour)

$3ea. for up to 80 cups

$2.75ea. for 80+ cups

$2.50ea. for 120+ cups

200ml kulfi cups (minimum of 5 of each flavour)

$5ea. for up to 80 cups

$4.75ea. for 80+ cups

$4.50ea. for 120+ cups

1litre tubs - $18ea.

5litre tubs - from $65ea. (depending on flavour)

*no minimum order required if you choose from flavours currently in stock,

just get in touch to check what's in stock (100ml cups for $2.50ea.)

Choose a flavour from below or request your own

Vegan options available and we also cater for most dietary intolerances

Our kulfi contains NO gelatine or egg

IMG-6653 (1)_2.png
kulfi flavours

pistachio & cardamon
lime & ginger
spiced apple crumble
coffee bean
cookies & cream

salted honey with chamomile

salted caramel popcorn
summer cherry
rhubarb & strawberry meringue
rose & raspberry
blueberry cheesecake
lychee & toasted coconut
caramelised fig & mascarpone

chilli chocolate
popping candy
lavender & honey
peppermint crisp

lemon curd & rosemary

lemon & basil

creme brulee


orange blossom



kulfi cakes

Choose your flavour & decoration, then leave it up to us to get your kulfi cake all dressed up ready for your celebration!

from $50 ea. (6-8 serves)

from $60 ea. (8-10 serves)

from $70 ea. (10-12 serves)


(pricing depends on kulfi flavour and decorating)

kulfi cake 3.jpg

kulfi kookies

Choose a big one or a hand-full of minis, a perfect bite-size for you to indulge in!

Here's what you do to create your kulfi kookie:

choose your kulfi flavour + choose your kookie (shortbread or choc-chip or oaty) = your very own kulfi kookie!

big one from $5 ea. (minimum 6 per variety)

minis from $3 ea. (minimum 12 per variety)

kulfi cookie
kulfi cookie
kulfi cookie

+ more


Love a bit of Lamprais? Well we thought we’d bring to you one of our favs from Sri Lanka... a delicious meal option for you, your family & friends!
Lamprais is a Sri Lankan dish that was influenced/introduced by the country's Dutch Burgher population. Lamprais is derived

from the Dutch word lomprijst, when loosely translated means a packet of food.
This deliciously complex dish, consists of stock-infused rice, meat curry, a fish/veg cutlet, vambotu pahi (sweet & sour eggplant pickle),

pol sambol (coconut sambol), seeni sambol (onion relish) and prawn sambol.
All the components are placed inside or on a banana leaf to create a parcel that is then baked in the oven, once tried is very much savoured.

Vegans don't despair ... we have a Lamprais for you too!


$12 ea.


We prepare and freeze our lamprais so you

can buy in bulk to keep a stash in your freezer

for whenever you just can’t be bothered

or don’t have the time to cook!

(we also cater for most dietary intolerances)

please note:

minimum 1 weeks notice required if not in stock


rasam paste

Grab a jar of our rasam paste and stir up your

senses with the aromatic flavours of India with

some Rasam! Also known as South India's 'King

Soup' this hot, peppery, sour & nourishing soup

is usually served over a cup or bowl of

steaming hot rice.


serving suggestion

$15 (600g)

gulab jamun


Gulab Jamuns (warm Indian donuts soaked in a cardamon infused sugar syrup) ... sweet comfort food at its best.


(min 20)

love cake


Loaded with love ... is the

Sri Lankan Love Cake!
This celebration cake, often served at Christmas, is essentially filled with cashew nuts, lightly spiced and honey sweetened with a moist chewy inside and crunchy exterior ... and it’s absolutely delicious ... it’s love at first bite, literally! It definitely woos all your senses. Order your Love Cake today and spread even more love around as you offer everyone a piece of this deliciously sweet fragrant cake.

$95 for a full cake (L 34 x D 30 x H 4cm)

(approx. 3.3kg)

$75 for a half cake (L 16 x D 30 x H 4cm)

$55 for a quarter cake (L 8 x D 30 x H 4cm)



A spiced coconut custard sweetened with jaggery (a food from the gods) ... a classic Sri Lankan dessert.

$45 p/tray

(L 31 x D 20 x H 5cm)

chocolate mousse


Elijah's Ultra Delicious Chocolate Mousse ... O-M-G! It’s sooo good! It’s creamy, it’s chocolatey, it’s almost fudge-like with chewy chocolate bits in it too! It’s everything & more that a chocolate mousse should be!

100ml cups - $3 ea.

(minimum of 10 cups)

200ml cups - $5 ea.

(minimum of 5 cups)

1litre tubs - $18 ea.



Order to be placed by Sunday.

Your order will be available for delivery or pick-up on Thursday

(unless an alternative arrangement has been made).

Delivery fees may apply (depending on location).


(as we make to order, a minimum 3 days is required unless your requested menu item is in stock)


Please fill out our contact form to let us know what you would like or if you have any questions, alternatively you can contact us via our socials or on the phone numbers listed.

Kulfi will always be our first love, but our love of food from our heritage & around the world moves us to create and serve up various menu options to share with you... just to keep things deliciously interesting!


It all started with a dream and then our foodtruck came to be.

Hired for private occasions as well as found around town at many food truck events and festivals, kulfibar can come to you.


At the moment we will be not be taking part in any public events until further notice. We wish all our customers good health and safe times ahead.

kulfibar foodtruck food truck melbourne melbourne foodtruck
kulfibar foodtruck


something savoury

something sweet

something refreshing


Want to wow guests at your private event?

We cater for workplace functions, weddings, birthdays or any special celebration or party.

Choose from our menu above or we can tailor a menu to suit you.

Packages can include one or a combination of any of our menu items as well as a range of beverages. We have vegan options too! All this can be brought to you and served from our food truck, or if you don't have room for a truck we can deliver your order to your door or you can pick up from us too.

Packages start from $350 with the truck.

(please note: minimum order quantities required)


Contact us to arrange a quotation or if you have any questions.



Find our kulfi or lamprais at these outlets around Melbourne ...






(kulfi & lamprais)

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Please note that flavours, sizes and pricing vary from store to store

Contact us for any wholesale enquiries if you would like to stock our kulfi


Knowing that what you are eating is good for you and makes you feel good is definitely a priority to us, along with caring for those who are less fortunate.  Every kulfi cup you buy has a portion donated to a charity or organisation, serving those in the community who are in need.

Live   Give   Enjoy



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